So often we go about our lives, barely noticing how time flies by and what the past years and months have meant to us. Recently I was asked to be interviewed for a short article about “me” for the Life Planning Network newsletter. It allowed me to reflect on some of the key accomplishments I’ve had over the past 10 years. In addition, it focused me on what has been important for me about the past decade and where I am going in my life today. I invite you to read this short piece and then take a few moments to do your own reflection. Perhaps pull out your journal and record your thoughts. I hope that it will offer you a time to celebrate who you are and to recognize what is important now as you step into the future starting today. You may even discover elements of the legacy you are creating, one day, month and year at a time!

Written by Charli Depner

In 2007, Mary Radu “found her tribe” at the Positive Aging Conference in St. Petersburg, Florida where she got to know leaders in the Life Planning Network. Transitioning to a new career in life coaching and mentoring, Mary applied her community-building skills to establish LPN’s NorCal Chapter. She served as LPN National VP and on the Editorial Board of LPN’s LIVE SMART AFTER 50! book. Reflecting on the success of these efforts, Mary concludes, “It is all about developing relationships.”

Today Mary continues to help clients find fulfillment in new life stages, but she is balancing work with “having more fun.” She enjoys life at her home on Rusty Gate Farm in West Sonoma County, California.

Getting involved locally, she is pursuing the question, “What can I reap out of what I have sown?” Mary is interested in building community via the Village Movement and Senior Co-Housing. Following the 2016 election, Mary began networking and fund-raising for the Sister District Project. She hosted a “Clothing Swap” fundraiser that provided 60 local women an opportunity to connect while raising more than $1,600 for a candidate and 25 bags of clothing donations. She is active in Impact 100 Sonoma, supporting nonprofits in the Sonoma Valley. The devastation of the Northern California wildfires has activated more fundraising efforts. On a personal level, she is scoping a project to build a 1,000 square-foot accessible “granny” on her property. Mary hopes that the first tenant will be among the 5,000 who lost their homes in the fires.