Couple waiting to clarify goalsAre you an individual or a couple wanting to clarify your goals to create positive change and the outcomes of your philanthropic activities, role and resources? 

If so, I will help you focus your giving to make a difference from your heart, what I call “philanthropy from the inside out.”

This program consists of two insightful, comprehensive philanthropy consulting sessions. Similar to life coaching, these sessions are interactive and are held with you over the phone, by Skype or in-person if you are in the San Francisco Bay area. During our work together the direction of your philanthropic decisions emerges as I guide you to:

  • Define the scope of your philanthropic efforts using your values to focus on the interests, people, concerns, and causes where you most want to effect positive change.
  • Discover a rewarding philanthropic role where you can best apply your unique gifts, resources, time and financial contributions.
  • Create a philanthropic mission that communicates your intentions to your family, legal and financial advisors, foundations and non-profit recipient organizations.
  • Identify concrete next steps you will take to create your desired impact through philanthropy.

Businessmen with philanthropic focusWhat you can expect:

As a result of having found your philanthropic focus you will be able to plan your next steps to:

  • Confidently communicate your goals and the parameters for directing your charitable investments to legal and financial advisors, foundations and non-profit partners.
  • Contribute in a way that is consistent with your values and creates the impact you intend with the peace of mind that you understand where you can best participate.
  • Utilize your philanthropic mission to navigate the philanthropic landscape and map out the giving opportunities you want to pursue.
  • Match your donor interests, unique resources and participation with the project, program, or organizations that are serving in your highest priority areas of giving and concern.

There’s no need to continue feeling overwhelmed by the thousands of giving opportunities and organizations out there. The Find Your Philanthropy Focus program guides you to discover where you can have your desired impact and be a positive change maker.  Contact me and we’ll take the next step together.


Contact me for your “Philanthropic Focus” sessions.


Pathmaker Coaching acts solely as a planner for its clients who are individuals who pay for these services directly or through referral from a foundation or nonprofit organization which is paying Pathmaker to provide the individual services.   All information discussed is kept confidential.  Your information will not be shared without your consent.

Disclaimer:  Pathmaker Coaching does not represent to give legal, accounting or tax advice.  Pathmaker services do not replace those of an attorney, certified financial or tax planner.  Before executing any binding document, clients should seek independent legal, accounting, or tax advice.