Philanthropic Planning

Phitlanthropic PlanningToday philanthropy ranges across charitable donations, foundations, donor-advised funds, volunteering, socialpreneurial activities, social justice activism, and many major planned giving and family succession decisions. If you are an individual, couple or family who wants to put your philanthropic intentions into action, you have recognized that the huge array of giving choices and the processes to implement them can be daunting.

With Philanthropy Planning I help you focus your goals for giving, develop an action plan to direct your choices and insure your contributions reflect what’s most important to you.

Administration of charitable gifts, donor contributions and family succession plans can also be complex processes involving personal, financial, legal and tax considerations. Many of the best legal and financial advisors address “giving” solely from their area of strength…money, finances and law. I help you focus on the values and strategic decisions that serve as a foundation for your financial decisions and your communication of those decisions to the financial, legal and foundation professionals involved.

Woman striving for philantropic givingHow We Work Together  

I work with you to understand your individual circumstances, motivating values and intended results. Together we develop a plan that reflects your unique interests and desires. I have a personalized approach, carried out with thoughtful questions and deep listening.

Many of the couples and families I work with find that philantropic giving also is an opportunity to strengthen family communications and values when the process gives voice to individual family members’ interests and identifies the common ground for a shared family philantropic mission. The family mission can be successfully executed when giving parameters and the process used for making allocations are clear and realistically reflect the skills and interests of all involved parties.

Sessions are held to your schedule, over the phone, by Skype or in-person if you are in the San Francisco Bay area. Once you move into executing your plan, periodic review meetings will address any concerns that may emerge as you move forward in new philanthropic territory. Fees are determined and approved in advance according the level of support received.

What you can expect:

  • Values-based private conversations that will clarify the impact you want your philanthropic decisions to have and the role you wish to play using the time and resources you already have.
  • Language and tools for use in your conversations with family members, legal and financial advisors, foundations and non-profit partners that provide a clear goal and parameters for directing your charitable investments.
  • Next step actions and support for you to move forward to implement your philanthropic strategy with focus and confidence.
  • Assistance with issues and concerns that emerge as you implement your plan.
  • Opportunity to further develop your philanthropic goals and strategies as your life circumstances and philanthropic focus evolve.

There’s no need to feel uncertain or overwhelmed by the thousands of giving opportunities and organizations out there. Philanthropic Planning will guide you to discover where and how you can have your desired impact in the world today.

Discover how to share your unique gifts to create positive change.  Let’s meet for a complimentary one-hour consultation to talk through what’s on your mind.


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Pathmaker Coaching acts solely as a planner for its clients who are individuals who pay for these services directly.  All information discussed is kept confidential. Your information will not be shared without your consent.

Disclaimer: Pathmaker Coaching does not represent to give legal, accounting or tax advice. Pathmaker services do not replace those of an attorney, certified financial or tax planner. Before executing any binding document, clients should seek independent legal, accounting, or tax advice.