Focus for Impact

Proffessional Entrepreneur#1 FOCUS FOR IMPACT…2 Intensive Sessions of Powerful Insights That Will Help You Live Meaningfully and Make Your Impact

Are you a professional, entrepreneur or philanthropist who is…

  • Ready to get focused and make a difference in the world by sharing your unique gifts?
  • Desires powerful answers to your questions about directing your life towards meaning and fulfillment?
  • Yearning to activate a plan to become a positive change maker with the time and resources you already have?

Strategic tools and TechniquesWhat you can expect:

  • Two 1-hour telephone sessions that will give you a foundation for creating more impact
  • Strategic tools and techniques that will get you started and keep you moving.

“I guide you to discover the kind of impact you want to make and your natural, essential role for making it happen!”


Here’s what past participants say:

“Thanks to Mary, I know where to plant the next seeds and with her support I am confident they will grow into fruition.  She knows how to bring the depths to the surface and knows what to do with them once they arrive.  The insight I received was a direct result of her skill and nurturing style.”

Cynthia Riggs,Owner, Business Diva

“I feel liberated through having a clear understanding of what my soul’s purpose is and the impact I’m called to have on others and the world.  This clarity lessens my sense of general “overwhelm” in that I don’t have to fulfill “all things to all people” – just my unique calling.  I found working with Mary around the visioning/impact of my life work to truly be transformational.”

Larry Ousley, D.Min., CPCC
Director of the Intentional Growth Center

“I got below the surface, to the next level of knowing what it will take for me to be effective in creating greater impact.”  “SO valuable – to draw out from your clients what is at the deepest level of their souls is an incredible talent!”

Rannell Dahl, MS, BA, Owner, Ergonomics at Work

“I will use what I’ve learned as a filter for making decisions in my life and work.”

Ellen Vor der Bruegge, Freelance consultant formerly
Vice President of Innovations, Freedom from Hunger

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