Fast Track

#3 FAST TRACK… Monthly Coaching Support to Bring Your Vision for
Meaning and Impact to Life

Do you…

  • Find yourself at a cross road in your midlife career or other key area of your life?
  • Feel ready to dedicate your time to redirect your course over a minimum of 3 months** ?
  • Desire personalized support to keep you focused on your priorities and moving forward on your new, exciting path to meaning?

Strategy SessionWhat you can expect:

  • An initial 3 hour Strategy Session to clarify your vision, design the focus, and map out your most meaningful goals and milestones. You’ll be energized and ready to move confidently on your path.
  • 2 hours of telephone coaching each month scheduled in 30, 40, or 60 minute sessions to keep you exploring and focused on where you’re going.

Here’s what past participants say:

The finish is in view and I have a concrete process. You have helped me enormously to focus my thinking and to set the course for the next few years. My work with you has been a source of continuing joy and awakening for me. I am grateful and in awe of your skill… your compassion and wisdom…I don’t often have that experience. The process has coalesced my thinking and supports my sense of who I am. You have helped me identify my highest and best calling.  I know that I can trust myself.”

Patricia Harsche-Weeks, Vice President Planning and Business Development

“I highly recommend Mary to anyone who wants to define their own success and move in that direction. She has helped me to make better use of my own resources and indeed to “play my game at a higher level.”

Robert Feldman, President, Corona Consulting, LLC

“I am finally living today with a unique current plan that fulfills my potential. I initially needed a coach to deal with difficult communications and adjustments which I needed to make with new management. Mary’s inputs into this preparation helped me change my position and survive the office politics. As these changes provided me necessary time for my transition, life planning for the next 20 years and expressing my values has helped me completely shift into a new, exciting direction. Now, when I am frustrated or stuck on issues, I have the skills to verbalize my issues, find out what is stopping me from reaching my dreams.”

JoAnne U. Moody, Principal, Zeta Scientific LLC

Find the Power of Your Actions Based on Your Intention, Focus, and Resolve

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**Coaching Agreement: FAST TRACK Monthly clients are requested to participate in an Initial Strategy Session and a minimum of 3 months of coaching. Services are payable monthly. Clients typically find that the longer they participate, the better and more sustainable results they experience.  Typical coaching engagements are 3 to 9 months.