Quick Start

#2 QUICK START… 6 Weeks to Clarity and Direction for
Your New Path to Meaning

Couple exploring midleife career

Are you an individual or couple who is…

  • Starting to explore a meaningful new midlife career, facing lifestyle decisions or planning for retirement?
  • A self starter who desires a “whole life” vision and action plan that you can use now and reuse as your life plan evolves?
  • Wanting to create your action plan and decide later if continuing coaching support is right for you?

Then the Quick Start program is right for you.

What you can expect from Quick Start:

  • Woman focused on life planningSix 1-hour telephone sessions focused on your life planning agenda held over a 6 week period (Couples sessions are 1 ½ hrs to develop individual as well as joint plans)
  • Support to develop a personalized action plan from a “whole life” perspective that includes finances*, career/career replacement, relationships and health (*Note that this does not substitute for financial planning from a certified financial planner)
  • Tools and techniques that will support you moving forward now and over time as you face life changes.

Here’s what past participants say:

“I’m living by design. Every part of my life has been dramatically affected by working with you. Without your help I never would have been so precise about what it was that I wanted to do. You have fantastic and fun processes that gave me clarity, a decisive plan of action and life tools for how to do it. And now, a year later, I’m continuing to keep my focus and implement my plan.”

Dianemarie Hammond, Artist

“The two of us are moving down this road to planning our retirement together. We started with no structure and not sure how to get there from here. Now we’re coming up with a plan and doing things that are slotted right into where we want to be. We’re enjoying the process rather than focus on the outcome only. This has been absolutely wonderful!”

Kathy and Michael Gerdts, Retired Teacher and Retired Risk Management Consultant

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