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Making An Impact In Your Lifetime Through Philanthropy

Do you …

Workers with philanthropic goals

  • wonder how you can use your unique gifts to be a “positive change maker” and contribute to improving our world and humankind?
  • feel strongly about social, environmental, health or other issues?
  • repeatedly see disadvantages, discriminations or challenges facing particular groups but feel powerless to help?
  • have resources such as time, skills, money and ideas but the huge array of choices in philanthropic giving leaves you wondering where to start?
  • yearn to contribute but want to know your resources and involvement will make the difference you intended, bringing you satisfaction and peace of mind?

The answer to these questions can be found with the help of Pathmaker Coaching using our Values-Based Philanthropic Support Programs. I guide individuals, couples and families in developing a mission and focus for their philanthropy.

Mentoring SupportI also provide customized, donor-focused tools, seminars and workshops to community foundations, legal and financial advisors and special interest groups on how to support client philanthropy.

Philanthropic Support Programs

I believe that our “Philanthropy From the Inside Out” approach insures that your philanthropic donations and the ways you are contributing are consistent with your values and are being used to create the impact you intend. Here is the 5 Step Planning Process I use in all my programs:

  • Step 1  Affirm My Values and Where I Want to Have an Impact
  • Step 2  Define My Role and How I Want to Contribute and Participate
  • Step 3  Choose My Philanthropic Partners
  • Step 4  Negotiate My Role with My Chosen Philanthropic Partners
  • Step 5 Review and Assess My Impact and Progress As A Philanthropist

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Let me support you through these steps, giving you a clear focus for philanthropic decisions. You will then be able to put your values into action. Knowing what you want to achieve will also make communicating your intentions to everyone…from your family, to financial planners, to foundations and non-profit agencies easily understood.

Get Started on Your New Path to Meaning and Impact through Your Philanthropy.

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