Mary Radu, MS, MSW, CPCC, Certified Professional Coach and Philanthropy Consultant Invites you to listen to a podcast of the Commonwealth Club of California!

What do I want to accomplish?  Where do I want to go from here?  How can I intentionally share my resources during this phase of my life as well as when I’m gone?

Those of us at midlife are facing a much more extended lifespan than did our parents and grandparents.  Many people are living into their 70, 80 and 90’s with new opportunities for staying active and involved.  If you checked in with your crystal ball in my previous blog you may have learned that you probably have 10 to 20+ years ahead of you.  As you move into your second half of life you may be shifting your focus away from the outward tasks of building your career, raising a family and managing externally imposed expectations. Collecting material possessions now might not be as important as your inner life, having meaningful experiences and relationships. You may sense and see changes in yourself and in the people around you that raise concerns about your own mortality and realize that your remaining time is finite.

You might find yourself asking some big questions about how you live and what you want to contribute with the resources available to you:

  • what am I here for?
  • what do I still want to accomplish and where do I want to go from here?
  • what will I pass along to my family and my community for which I will be remembered?  and
  • what do I want to leave behind that will make the world a better place than I found it?

I recently joined with three other professionals to provide some insights on how to make planning for the big questions of life easier.

In part 2 our panel continues the discussion of successfully planning for a long life. Income planning for your future needs and legacy planning are two big concerns that inevitably arise.  The program begins by addressing how legacy planning can fit into your life plan, followed by the financial and legal vehicles for implementing your legacy planning.

Join me in listening to the recording of our session at the Commonwealth Club of California on Longevity Planning: Practical Approaches to Managing Life Transitions (Part Two)


Mary Radu, MS, MSW, CPCC
Elizabeth Krivatsy, Esq.
Ben Yohanan, President, Hatch Retirement Services

If this has brought up some concerns that you’re ready to address and you’d like some additional support in taking your first step, contact me for a brief chat at 707.824.8836.

May meaning be your motivator!