Affiliate FAQ’s

Congratulations on taking a first step with the Roadmap to Meaningful Midlife® Affiliate program.

Q. How do I start receiving Roadmap Affiliate Sales credit for purchases made by my clients, leads and colleagues?

A. When you register as an Affiliate you receive your official Affiliate Link. Give this link to everyone that you’d like to have purchase the Roadmap products. As long as your contacts visit the Roadmap site with this link (and/or have this Internet Cookie on their computer) you will receive Affiliate sales credit. Be sure to check the tools that are available for you to post the Roadmap on your website as well as to include in your emails, ezine and other communications with clients, leads and colleagues.

Q. How do I directly order the Roadmap audio CD/workbook product to resell to clients and leads?

A. We do offer bulk/direct ordering that provides a 30% discount rate.

Q. Can I print out copies of the Roadmap workbook for clients?

A. When you or your client have purchased an authorized copy of the Roadmap program you are free to print out the workbook as a customer courtesy to get them started using the Roadmap program with you. This is in keeping with the copyright usage that you signed when you joined the Roadmap Affiliate program. Click here to view a copy of the terms and conditions. You may not print out copies of the Workbook for any client who does not have their own authorized copy which they or you have purchased on their behalf.

How do you as a Coach use the Roadmap program?

Q: Do people do it alone?

A: YES.   The workbook introduction offers suggestions on how to get started and how to keep moving forward, both from scheduling and support points of view.

Q. Do people go through the Roadmap with you on the phone?

A. YES.   The program offers the coach lots of flexibility. Assign a track from the audio and a section of the workbook with an exercise between coaching sessions. Use your coaching session to review the learning, address concerns and obstacles and deepen the learning.

Q. Do people go through the Roadmap with you in person?

A. YES.   The in-person process is similar to how it is carried out on the phone.

Q. Can the Roadmap program be used as a coaching package?

A. Take a look at my Coaching page. The Quick Start Program takes individuals and couples through the Roadmap process in 6 sessions. Contact me about pricing for this version and more information on how the program is segmented into six 1 to 1½ hour sessions.

Q. How long does it take a person to go through the process from beginning to end?

A. The Roadmap can be completed by an individual or couple in as short a time as a weekend, somewhat like a self-directed retreat. More typically, I suggest that users allow a 6-10 week timeframe to complete the planning process. This allows ample time for the client to reflect on each element in the process as well as provide a low-impact, more enjoyable planning pace that will fit into their current life schedule/routine.

Q. It seems like going through the Roadmap program with a Coach would help the user pace themselves and also have a more in-depth experience.

A. Absolutely! Working through the process with a Coach helps the individual or couple stay on track to complete the entire planning process. The Coach also offers the client the opportunity to go deeper in there experience of introspection and provides encouragement for doing the exploration to discover new opportunities for this time of life as well as giving support to use the tool for whole life planning, rather than “fixing” one part of their life.

Q. How does offering the Roadmap to individuals without coaching support fit with my coaching practice?

A. Using the Roadmap alone, without a coach, requires self-discipline and high motivation. The Roadmap gives the Coach a low-cost alternative product to offer those individuals and couples not ready to step up to the expense or schedule of a full coaching engagement. AND the Coach has an entre for follow up: Check in with purchasers to see how their planning is going. Offer customized, one-time or short engagement coaching assistance to address issues or obstacles that the user encounters during the course of using their Roadmap planning tools. This can be accomplished by email and phone follow up posing questions such as “What do you need to optimize the time and energy you are giving to the Roadmap planning process?”

Q. Regarding The Wheel of Life on pg. 8 of the Workbook. Would the publication rights that you have cover your Affiliates as well?

A. The authors indicated no limits on the use of the Wheel as long as the source is credited.

If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact us.