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product-choiceCOACHES, Build Your Income and Offer Life Planning Tools to Your Clients and Leads Starting Today!

An Income-Building Program for:

  • New Coaches, looking for proven coaching tools that you don’t have to spend time developing on your own
  • Seasoned Coaches, who wants to expand your income-generating offerings to clients and leads

The Roadmap To Meaningful Midlife® Products Can Benefit Your Clients and Your Business

“The Roadmap to Meaningful Midlife is a wonderful way for baby boomers to create a new vision for themselves at this stage. The combination of the workbook and video is very effective. The program is a comprehensive structure for coaches who want to work with a wide range of Boomer clients.”

Peter Sherer
Senior Partner and Executive Coach
Experience Matters

Our Roadmap Affiliate Program Offers You:

  • Coach-tested tools you can use with your clients without the program development time and expense
  • Low-price point products to offer leads who aren’t ready to step up to a more costly coaching engagement
  • Passive income you can generate from introducing the program to other coaches/colleagues using your affiliate link

Guide your clients through the personal and career changes they most want AND earn 30% on every direct purchase. Share this product with your leads or colleagues and earn 20-30% referral fees for each sale. This is your chance to use this comprehensive introspection and planning process with your clients and leads AND build an additional revenue stream for your business.

“I found the Roadmap to Meaningful Midlife program to be a great thought starter for a coach to use with his/her client. It’s a great way for them to work together to begin the process of unfolding the next best steps for a client in mid-life.

Mary is a dedicated and inspired coach with a real passion for working with people in mid-life transition. She is knowledgeable, articulate and insightful about this stage of life and the promise that it holds for all of us.”

Beverly Berner
PCC Business Career and Mid-life Coach Act2

Why Reinvent the Wheel?photo_papers

If you’re a coach working with adults in transition… career change/reentry, empty nest, retirement, divorce…the Roadmap Affiliate Program is for you. Why use your precious time creating an effective product when the Roadmap is available for you to increase your practice and income today?

Earn up to 30% on Every Sale You Refer or Purchase Direct for Your Practice!

Here’s What You Get as a Roadmap Affiliate:

  • 30% discount on Roadmap to Meaningful Midlife® audio CD/Adobe pdf workbook programs you purchase for your clients PLUS you receive our permission to use the complete Roadmap tool set with each of these clients!
  • 20-30% Payment on all qualifying sales made through your affiliate link.
  • Links, banners, and other free tools to assist you in sharing and marketing the Roadmap to Meaningful Midlife® products with your clients, leads and other coaches.
  • Complete real-time reporting and monitoring.
  • We’ll do all the work! You just place your Roadmap Affiliate link on your website, in emails or in your newsletter, and we handle the tracking, the sales, collect the funds, delivery, and commission payment.

How Much Can I Earn?

That depends on …

  • how many of your clients you decide to offer the Roadmap program as part of your coaching tool box.
  • how much you refer the products to leads and other coaching colleagues.

See What’s Possible!



 Retail Price

 Affiliate Rate

 Your Earnings Grow with Each Sale!

Purchase the 2-CD Audio/Adobe pdf Workbook Roadmap program for your clients

  • include in your Intake/Design package OR
  • resell to clients

AND You have our permission to use the complete Roadmap tool set with each of these clients!

$ 24.98 USD
Purchase Qty. YourSavings
5 or More 30 %

Note: Order in multiples of 5.

Your Earnings Per Copy



 Retail Price

 Affiliate % Share

 Your Earnings

Use your Affiliate Link with clients, leads, and colleagues to recommend the Roadmap program in either CD or download version CD : $24.98 USDDownload : $19.98 USD 30% on all downloadable product orders and 20% on the 2-CD/Jewel Box version $4.99$5.99

Here’s How It Works

Member-Direct Discount Purchase Program

Your personal link for ordering your inventory for use with your clients. You save an immediate 30% discount when you purchase 5 or more copies of the 2-CD/Jewel Box version direct and incorporate the Roadmap into your client coaching packages or resell to your clients at retail price.

Affiliate Link Sales

Whenever you share Your Affiliate Link with clients who wish to order direct, with leads or with other coaches and colleagues, your affiliate sales fee will be recorded.

For orders placed using your special link, you will receive an affiliate payment of 30% on all downloadable product orders and 20% on the 2-CD/Jewel Box version.

How Will I Get Paid?

To keep administration simple we’ll get your money to you as quickly as possible, you chose the payment method you prefer…. Check or PayPal.

PayPal is great! No lost checks, no updating physical addresses, and no exchange rates to mess with. From PayPal you’ll be able to deposit straight to your bank account. If you don’t have a PayPal account you can get one for free! It takes about 5 minutes to set up.

You will be sent your Affiliate payment by the 15th of each month provided your commission balance is at least $15 USD or more. If your commission is below $15 USD in a particular month, it will be added to your next month’s commission. Payment will be made by check sent to the address you provide for this use.

“This 2 CD set is targeted towards midlife adults who are in transition and ready to redesign the next phase of life. It walks the listener through steps to identify a baseline, name values and create a vision. From there you learn how to set “smart” goals, create a plan of action and address obstacles that come up. It reflects a solid coaching model that is both generic and very tailored to this niche.

If you are a coach or counselor working with this market, it’s the perfect piece to include in your introductory package. It is a powerful structure to use between sessions to get things percolating. Its also a great tool for self-coaching.”

Marcy Nelson-Garrison, MA, CPCC
Coaching Toys Inc

How Do I Get Started?

It’s very simple and takes just 5 minutes to sign up.

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