Audio CD and Workbook Program Set

Roadmap to Meaningful Midlife® : Create Your Vision and Action Plan Audio CDand Workbook Program Set

Roadmap CD Set 67 minute audio program on two CDs
MP3 audio file to download to your MP3 player
46 page step-by-step workbook in Adobe PFD, printable format

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Audio CDs: Mary Radu with Cheryl Mann, Certified Coaches, walk you through a step-by-step process to create your vision and action plan for the meaningful midlife you truly desire. You’ll be coached by Mary and Cheryl as if they were with you in your home, office or car. You will hear their motivational tips and be guided to take each step in their tested process for creating both your vision and your action plan for this next phase of your life! Best of all, you set the life planning pace that works for your schedule and Mary and Cheryl will be there to walk you through this audio program. You can use this program again and again to revise your plan as your life changes. The two-CD set offers enhanced audio that you can listen to in the car, on home stereo, on your computer.

Workbook: The Roadmap to Meaningful Midlife® Workbook is packaged as a .PDF file on CD with all of the exercises that you need to develop your own personal life plan now and in the future as your life changes down the road. Complete the workbook as you follow along with the audio CD..or…listen to the audio CD program to get familiar with the process before you use the Workbook to develop your personal vision and action plan.

This program is ideal for individuals and couples who want to develop personal life planning on a self-paced, independent basis. This approach also makes life planning very economical!

By the end of this comprehensive program, you will have your complete roadmap including:

  1. Your unique vision of your meaningful midlife with a vision statement to summarize it
  2. A visual image of your meaningful midlife as a daily reminder of where you’re headed
  3. Your complete midlife action plan, including specific and measurable goals for each area of your life
  4. Strategies to overcome the obstacles that may arise on your journey
  5. Excitement and renewed energy for this next phase of your life
  6. Realization that you CAN have the life that you want when your goals support your values and priorities!

When you order any product you will automatically begin Roadmap’s periodic updates with additional resources for discovering what’s possible in your life. Each edition will contain a link for you to change your subscription preferences at any time.

Roadmap to Meaningful Midlife® Audio CD and Workbook Program Set

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