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This highly interactive philanthropy consulting service provides foundations, legal and financial advisors with tools and resources to better serve their clients’ philanthropic planning needs. We help you better assist your clients who are initiating major giving and legacy decisions with a “map” to strategic philanthropy.

Planning and administration of charitable giving is a complex process involving philanthropic, personal, financial, and tax considerations. Pathmaker services are focused on the values and strategic decisions that are crucial to the donor’s financial decisions and the communication of those decisions to advisors. True philanthropic planning embraces the convergence between legal and financial services and your client’s desire to make a unique difference.

Strategic Philanthropy

Individuals, couples, and families initiating a major charitable giving decision often find themselves unprepared with the most essential ingredient…communication.  Although they know that they have a strong desire to make a difference, create positive change and give back, they may have difficulty communicating their wishes to you, the legal, financial and foundation professionals, who are assisting them in creating their charitable vehicle.

Many of the best legal and financial advisors address “giving” primarily from their area of strength…money, finances and law. A key to the client’s satisfaction may be the ability to access their underlying personal values in the philanthropic decision process. This is what Pathmaker offers: values-based life coaching integrated into the knowledge of specialized philanthropy consulting.

Community foundations by their nature carry out a complex set of responsibilities in serving their donors, service provider agencies plus acting as a catalyst for change for addressing unmet community needs. These demands can often result in financially-oriented donor transactions, missing opportunities for expanded donor engagement.

Trust and consensus on the chosen philanthropic direction for a family’s wealth is also essential. In families and amongst heirs, donors need to use their values as a guide to giving that enhances the well-being of the family as well as for providing strategically placed resources to causes, projects, programs, organizations, and foundations where they can have a meaningful impact.

In all of these situations, Pathmaker Philanthropy Consulting can make a difference for you when working with your clients.

Here’s how we can help

  • Development of customized “donor-focused” philanthropic approaches and collateral. I work with your advisors, and your clients to focus on their needs and wishes to realize their philanthropic dreams and make a difference.
  • Support for advisors and their clients with philanthropic planning materials and tools. Sign-up to receive a free copy of a Philanthropic Assessment handout you are welcome to share with your clients.
  • Marketing and outreach support to community foundations that want to increase their “donor-centered” focus to create positive change.
  • 30-minute to one-hour presentations for clients and donor groups on a range of philanthropy-related topics geared to engage new donors or expand current donor participation. Philanthropy consulting and presentations are available to community foundations, legal and financial advisors or civic organizations.
  • Speaking engagements at both in-house and professional association events

Your clients’ philanthropy is more than a financial transaction. Pathmaker services can help you build a “donor-centered” approach that benefits both your clients and the causes they support, based on what they value and their unique gifts.  Contact me and we’ll take the next step together.

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Disclaimer: Pathmaker Coaching does not represent to give legal, accounting or tax advice. Pathmaker services do not replace those of an attorney, certified financial or tax planner. Before executing any binding document, clients should seek independent legal, accounting, or tax advice.

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