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Mary RaduHello! I am Mary Radu, Positive Change Coach, Philanthropy Mentor, the author of Roadmap to Meaningful Midlife® Audio Program, The Philanthropy from the Inside Out Program® and founder of Pathmaker Coaching. With over 28 years experience as a manager, trainer, coach and midlife pathmaker for my own life, I am a pioneer in the emerging “Third Age and Midlife Transitions” field specializing in midlife career and lifestyle transitions especially for those in the “baby boomer” age group.  More about Mary Radu

Along with individuals, I work extensively with couples. I am here to assist you to be the “Positive Change Maker” of your own life and find the core of what’s truly important for your life’s next stages. I am also highly skilled in helping professionals, entrepreneurs and philanthropists realize how to “live meaningfully and make an impact” by focusing their time and resources to consciously create change and contributions that make this planet a better place for all of us to live.

What Are “YOU” Planning To Do With The Rest of Your Life?

At this point in your life you have a wealth of experience and wisdom under your belt. You’ve accomplished much, met responsibilities and navigated many challenges. Yet at times you may find yourself questioning “is that all there is?” or thinking about things you always wanted to do. You may even feel stuck, confused or overwhelmed by concerns about your future. This may raise questions worth asking such as…

  • “What would give my life deeper meaning and make it more fulfilling?”
  • “Where can I take my career or what new direction will support the life I want to live?”
  • “How can I put into action my beliefs and values to make a positive impact in the world?”
  • “How can I deal with the changes I’m facing at this point (and beyond) in my life?”
  • “What would give me more confidence to make the right decisions for my future?”

NOW Is The Time To Discover Your Unique Gifts and Be a Positive Change Maker

The “big questions” get put off from being answered in our busy lives! You might know it’s time to focus on important life direction issues, but with multiple priorities, commitments and distractions, you keep breaking that promise to yourself to define what you want. Don’t disappoint yourself anymore! Realize YOU are your most important priority!

You Don’t Have To Do It Alone

It takes courage, curiosity and confidence to make changes to an established life at mid age and beyond. “Blind spots” and fears can get in the way of uncovering options and considering new opportunities. Most people need to overcome the “I couldn’t do that” or “It wouldn’t work for me” type of thinking. This is when transition coaching is so valuable, giving you thoughtful feedback and support so you don’t “go it alone” but are listened to, understood, and aided with practical, objective guidance to plan and make the right choices for you.

The Career Playbook: Second Half Plays For Boomers & Beyond

Written by Mary and other members of the Life Planning Network, you’ll be inspired to discover new, purposeful and meaningful ways to work in this changing economy at this great time of your life! Download and/or view the pdf today!

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Live Smart After 50! ... Finding New Work that Works for You!

Mary will expand your definition of work and walk you through a practical 8-step process you can start using now with tools available in the book she co-authored, Live Smart After 50! The Experts’ Guide to Life Planning for Uncertain Times.

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Support for Meaning & Impact through Midlife Career, Philanthropy & Lifestyle

I invite you to check out the support available through our coaching services, philanthropy services and products.  Be sure to get your free sample of the Roadmap to Meaningful Midlife® program and other free valuable resources.

Check out the Positive Change Makers Blog for new insights and perspectives to consider for challenges you face in your own midlife.

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